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The Diner 100

a 100 icons community

The Diner: A 100 Icon Community
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i n t r o
This community is dedicated to the celebrities of the 30's, 40's, 50's, and 60's from Music, Movies, and Television, etc.
The maintainer of this community is micheemee if you have any questions for micheemee, please contact me here or at my journal, or my icon journal, michee_cons.
r u l e s
In this community, you can choose to make 50 - 100 icons of a person.
You must goto the Waiting List and see if you're subject is taken and if not, go to Claim Lists reply to the post by completing the following form.
Subject (please specify if it is a person/movie/band/etc):
How many icons?: (50 or 100)
Your username:
Where you will be posting (other than this community):

You must complete your 50 (or) 100 icons before you start on a new subject.
You must finish your goal by the following:
50 icons: 4 weeks
100 icons: 6 weeks
If you wish to change your mind about a subject, or want to drop your subject, please contact micheemee
If you'd like to do the same subject more than once, it is allowed and welcomed as long as the subject is not on the waiting list or claim list.

a f f i l i a t e s
If you'd like to become an affiliate, please reply here

b a n n e r - m a k e r s

If you'd like to become a banner maker, please reply here

f i n i s h e d c l a i m s
Once you've finished your claim, comment here. You can also find the Hall of Fame here.

100, 100 icons, 1950's, 1960's, 50's, 60's, aaron neville, audrey hepburn, ava gardner, bette davis, bob dylan, bobby darin, bobby rydell, bobby vee, bobby vinton, brenda lee, brigitte bardot, bruce channel, buddy holly, byrds, carole lombard, chad and jeremy, chubby checker, chuck berry, clark gable, connie francis, conway twitty, del shannon, dion, dusty springfield, elizabeth taylor, elvis presley, fats dominoe, fifties, frankie valli, fred astaire, freddy cannon, gene pitney, gene vincent, ginger rogers, grace kelly, greta garbo, herman's hermits, jack scott, jackie deshannon, james brown, james dean, jane russell, janet leigh, jay and the americans, jayne mansfield, jean harlow, jerry lee lewis, jimmie rodgers, joan crawford, johnny cash, johnny rivers, judy garland, julie andrews, julie newmar, lesley gore, leslie howard, little richard, lucille ball, marilyn monroe, mark dinning, marlene dietrich, marlon brando, marty robbins, marvin gaye, mary wells, mitzi gaynor, movies, music, myrna loy, neil sedaka, olivia de havilland, pat boone, peggy lee, peter and gordon, pop music, rita hayworth, rock and roll, sandra dee, sharon tate, simon and garfunkel, sixties, steve mcqueen, the animals, the beach boys, the beatles, the cleftones, the coasters, the crests, the crystals, the dixie cups, the drifters, the everly brothers, the fleetwoods, the four aces, the four seasons, the four tops, the happenings, the harptones, the impressions, the righteous brothers, twiggy lawson, vintage, vintage pop music, vivien leigh, william powell